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When you book a birthday party with us, we supply full use of the facilities, a private room for you and your guests, and someone who will assist with set up, and clean up. You must bring the following with you: paper products (paper plates, paper cups, etc.), plastic silverware, tablecloths (3), cake knife if needed, refreshment, and decorations (please do not adhere or tack anything to the walls, doors, or windows). Also, please Do Not bring latex balloons or peanut products into the museum.

Please Read

Please review the museum rules before scheduling anything! Children must be supervised at all times, all food and beverages only allowed in the party room, and absolutely NO alcohol or smoking allowed anywhere inside the museum or on museum grounds.
If you would like to rent the museum during normal business hours, the rental fee is $200 for 90 minutes for a maximum of 15 children and 25 adults.
Private parties held during non-business hours have a rental fee of $350 for 2 hours for a maximum of 20 children and 30 adults.
All rentals require a $50 deposit to reserve the date and time. For every 4 children, 1 adult must be present at the party and all food and beverages must be kept in the designated party room.
There is a $50 charge for each additional 30 minutes. There is also a $10 charge for each additional child after the maximum number of children is reached.

If the party goes past the agreed time, a $50 fee will be charged.
To receive a $25 refund for cancelation, the party must be cancelled 30 days prior to its scheduled day.

To plan a party call