COVID -19 Guidelines 

As of Wednesday  August 4th, 2021 masks are mandatory for all parties. (VACCINATED OR NOT)
Governor Charlie Baker issued a Mandatory Mask Mandate, We will require ALL VISITORS who are vaccinated or not over the age of 5 years to wear a mask in our facility. We are taking our part in this to make sure this establishment is safe and comfortable to ALL!
Thank you for your cooperation !

As CDC guidelines and protocols are followed here, we would like to inform you of adjustments the museum has made for the safety of our visitors as well as staff!
* Maintain social distancing, remaining 6ft apart from others. We have posted limited capacity of exhibits to further enhance social distancing.
* Wash hands before, during & after each visit. we have station hand sanitizer throughout the museum as well.
* Cover coughs, sneezes and if you feel sick please stay home.
* Age 5 years or older is required to wear a mask.