Inspiring a Love for Learning!

The mission of the Children’s Museum is to provide an environment that encourages and inspires a love for the learning process while strengthening family, education, and social bonds. In its unique environment, children actively make connections among ideas, people and cultures. Encompassing the broad themes of community, family, and creativity, the museum encourages children to define their role in and contribution to society at large while supporting every parent’s effort to be the best parent they can.


  1. To help children understand and enjoy the world in which they live.
  2. To offer interactive exhibits that respond to children’s diverse educational needs, nurture their cognitive development, and celebrate their role in our lives.
  3. To provide a creative center for “hands-on” learning through permanent and changing exhibits that stimulate intellectual curiosity and exploration in the areas of math, science, technology, the arts and humanities, while fostering the development of problem-solving skills and creativity.
  4. To support public and private education systems by providing enriching interactive learning experiences that are consistent with specific curriculum areas.
  5. To offer educational programs that complement exhibit themes and experiences, isolate content areas for facilitated interactions, and meet the needs of specific constituencies.
  6. To serve the needs of children, families and schools as a center for learning and discovery.
  7. To serve as a resource for parents, educators and all who seek to enrich the lives of children.
  8. To develop partnerships between public and private sectors, including businesses, industry, and educational institutions, to facilitate learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity in young people.