Musical Outdoor Playground

Get some fresh air! Our musical playground is open during museum business hours. This musical playground features a chime wall, rain maker wheels, bongo drums, musical flower stands, a xylophone and much more. Other pieces included are flower chalk boards, a giant play castle and more.

Multi-purpose room

Multi-purpose room This room is for families to enjoy their snacks and lunch. This room also provides a space for field trips to eat their lunches, as well as accommodating Birthday parties! Pack a lunch and come play the day away. Just NO PEANUT PRODUCTS AS WE ARE A NUT-FREE ZONE!

Lego Room

Welcome to the Lego Room! This exhibit is designed to for children of all ages to create and build whatever come to mind using … LEGOS! It is one of our many popular exhibits here and the children and adults… love to make structures such as houses, buildings, set up a zoo or parks using […]

Violet Music Room

Violets Music Room! Violets Music room is based on a children’s book called Violets Music written by Angela Johnson. Violet’s journey growing up surrounding herself with musical instruments and learning all about how to use them and understanding how beautiful music can truly be. This Exhibits Murals are inspired by her book making it all […]

The Corner Clinic

Welcome to The Corner Clinic! This space provides children with the understanding of how important it is to go to the doctor. Children can be a doctor or a Nurse and give checkups using tools and equipment and see patients for evaluations and exams. Answering the front desk phone to book appointments and reschedule patients […]

Outer Space Exhibit

3…2…1… Welcome to our Outerspace Exhibit! Outerspace Exhibit features a ginormous outdoor Outerspace climber but its INDOORS! This climber has multiple-colored slides, Rope tunnels, and moon craters for all minds to explore. This exhibit also has two handmade outer space astronaut’ bunks (Thanks to Oak Road Woodworking) & with hands-on remote a control station in […]

Color Room

Welcome to The Color Room This exhibit is filled with bright colored shapes and sensory items to stimulate the five senses. Featuring a light up marble wall, peg boards, and a wind tunnel and much more. Children can build with different shapes and colorful magnets which are projected on light boards for ultimate color.

Transportation Station

Welcome to the Transportation Station In this exhibit you will find all things transportation. Letting children play all while learning about the importance of transportation, what it looks like & how it works. How different forms of transportation help us each and every day. Come take a ride in the transportation station today!

Big Blue Block Area

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